Set/Psg Conv Lect Lec Conv LecT Lect
Set 1 Play Pottery Cambrian Explosion Meal plan Saprophytes Aurora
Set 2 Job at the library Titan Breath collectors Thomton Wilder Sahara Extinction of large mammals
Set 3 Orff method Squirrels Phytoliths Lost ID Mutualism Protein
Set 4 Well-made play Polar bear evolution Dinosaur Travel expenses Cryogenian Social Evaluation
Set 5 Housing for next year Habit Foraging and farming Tickets for the play Tectonic Plates Art movement Oulipo
Set 6 Semester abroad program British Poetry Colonizing the moon An Artist Discussed in Class A controversial portrait of Shakespeare Creation of art
Set 7 Ecological Research Ballet Printed music Get information about a class requirement Evolutionary adaptations Climate effects
Set 8 Job application Bacteria Manatee navigation Biofuel Solar activity Brown Dwarf
Set 9 Printer at computer lab Nebula IO Fund raising Precipitation on Titan Hurricanes
Set 10 Buyback policy Finches Tech Determinism Alchemy Coral Reef Lean engineering





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