ZT-Study: Biofuel


1. Why does the woman go to see the professor?

  • A. To get advice on selecting a research topic
  • B. To convince  him to allow her to do a particular project 
  • C. To ask him to review some research results 
  • D. To request help in gaining access to a research facility

2. What aspect of glycerol does the woman want to study?

  • A. Its potential use as a biofuel 
  • B. Its effect on the global environment
  • C. Is usefulness as a food additive
  • D.  Its potential use as an agricultural aid

3. What is the professor’s opinion about the woman’s proposed research project?

  • A. He is worried that it is too ambitious for an undergraduate. 
  • B.  He is reluctant to approve it because she has explained it poorly.
  • C.  He is concerned about the amount of time it would take him to supervise the project. 
  • D. He is not sure she has enough time to complete the field testing before the project is due.

4. According to the woman, what is special about Hazelton Hall?

  • A. Research on biofuels is being conducted there. 
  • B. It is designed specifically for undergraduate research work. 
  • C. It has the best conditions for large-scale plant experiments. 
  • D. It has the most sophisticated photography equipment on campus.

5. Why is the woman excited about her proposed research project?

  • A. She will be working on the project with her professor. 
  • B.  The outcome of the project could possibly benefit society.
  • C.  She has been interested in the topic for a long time. 
  • D.  She thinks the project will help her get accepted to graduate school

答案:BD D A C B


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