1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?
A. To explain the differences between dinosaurs and modern-day animals
B. To present evidence for a theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded
C. To describe the body structures of recently discovered dinosaurs
D. To compare the fossils of warm- and cold-blooded dinosaurs

2. There is evidence that some dinosaurs had feathers. According to the professor, why does this support the theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded?
A. Feathers prevented dinosaurs’ body heat from escaping
B. Feathers show that dinosaurs were capable of flight.
C. Dinosaurs and birds descended from the same evolutionary ancestor.
D. Dinosaurs used feathers to absorb heat from the sun’ s rays

3. What does the professor imply about regions that now have arctic climates?
A. They can probably support both warm- and cold-blooded modern animals
B. They might have been warmer in the past than they are now
C. They are areas in which dinosaurs were never able to live.
D. They are good sources of fossils of feathered dinosaurs

4. Why does the professor mention ostriches?
A. To point out that not all birds are able to fly
B. To cite evidence that dinosaurs were cold-blooded
C. To show that not all birds have respiratory turbinates
D. To give an example of an animal with upright posture

5. What is the professor’s opinion of the theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded?
A. It has changed our understanding of the term “warm-blooded.
B. Thirty years ago it was not convincing, but today most evidence supports it.
C. It needs more evidence in order to be convincing
D. Most of the evidence we have supports a different theory

6. What does the professor imply when she says this:
A. Warming up air may not be as important a function as many scientists believe
B. Cold-blooded animals may use a different mechanism from warm-blooded animals.
C. It is possible that dinosaurs had another way to warm up air they breathed
D. Warm-blooded dinosaurs were probably very different from warm-blooded animals today

答案:B A B D C C


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