1. What is the lecture mainly about?
A. A description of the first technique used to achieve perspective in art
B. The influence of three-dimensional set design on the stories told in Renaissance plays
C. The development and use of perspective in theater set design
D. The influence of new construction materials on theater set design

2. Why does the professor mention a picture of a road?
A. To describe typical Renaissance theater set decoration
B. To illustrate how the illusion of depth can be achieved
C. To explain how the chariot-and-pole system works
D. To explain why three-dimensional images are difficult to create

3.What limitation did angled wings help to overcome?
A. Theaters had a limited number of seats that offered a good view of the stage.
B. Theater stages had a limited number of places from which actors could enter a scene.
C. Theater stages had limited space for which painters could create wings
D. Painters had limited skills in representing perspective in paintings

4.What was an advantage of flat wings over angled wings?
A. Flat wings could be used on smaller stages.
B. Flat wings were easier to change
C. Flat wings were made of a lighter-weight material
D. Flat wings could be viewed better by the audience

5. How did the invention of the chariot-and-pole system change theater productions?
A. Fewer people were needed to complete set changes
B. Set designs could use a greater number of wings per production
C. Both angled and flat wings could be used in the same production.
D. Sets could convey the illusion of depth without the need for skilled painters

6. Why does the professor say this :
A. He si preparing to change to topic
B. He does not want the students to interrupt him
C. He is about to contradict what he just said
D. He feels that further explanation is necessary

答案:C B D B A D

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