1. Why does the man go to see the professor?
A. To find out what the assignment is for the final paper
B. To discuss a conference that the professor attended
C. To get a topic area approved for a class assignment
D. To find out the difference between science fiction and sci-fi

2. What was unusual about the conference that the professor attended?
A. It included presentations by many scholars who were not well known to the professor.
B. It included presentations by students.
C. It focused on authors who are respected by most scholars
D. It focused mostly on less popular literary genres.

3. Why does the professor mention Jack Vance? Click on 2 answers
A. To encourage the man to write a paper about Planet of Adventure
B. To support her point that some authors should be researched more
C. To indicate a way for the man to begin looking for a suitable topic
D. To demonstrate that science fiction is gaining attention from scholars

4. What is the man’s attitude toward science fiction?
A. He is confident that it will become more respected
B. He disagrees with a commonly held opinion about it
C. He understands why it is not well respected.
D. He is impressed that it includes exotic technology

5. According to the professor, what is a key difference between sci-fi and science fiction?
A. Sci-fi is intellectually more challenging than most science fiction
B. Science fiction stories are often made into films.
C. Science fiction places more importance on plot than sci-fi does.
D. Science fiction makes little use of exotic technology


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