ZT-Climate effects

Climate effects

1. What is the lecture mainly about?

  • A. Similarities and differences between polar and tropical birds
  • B. How mammals tend to differ from birds in choosing a microhabitat 
  • C. How feeding strategies based on climate can influence species diversity 
  • D. Warning signs that indicate when a species is threatened with extinction 

2. What are two points the professor makes about polar animals species with regard to the food they eat?

  • A. They change their eating behaviors based on food availability 
  • B. They can survive without food for long periods of time
  • C. They tend to need more food in the winter than in the summer 
  • D. They look for food over a very wide area 

3. Why does the professor discuss the arctic fox?

  • A. To point out its effect on bird populations in polar regions 
  • B. To identify an animals species affected by seasonal change 
  • C. To illustrate the importance of microhabitats
  • D. To give an example of a generalist species 

4. What reason does the professor give to support the claim that microhabitats lead to an increase in species diversity?

  • A. They have temperatures that are suitable for many species.
  • B. They reduce competition among species for the same food resources. 
  • C. They allow individual species to spread throughout multiple ecosystems.
  • D. They prevent animals species destroying their food sources through overpopulation 

5. Why does the professor mention species extinction?

  • A. To emphasize a possible consequence of specialization
  • B. To point out the effect of human activity on polar habitats
  • C. To illustrate a downside of competition between different species 
  • D. To give a reason why animal species might change its microhabitats 

6. What does the professor imply when she says this: 🎧

  • A. The student has guessed correctly
  • B. The student’s explanation is surprisingly original 
  • C. The student has not understood her question 
  • D. The student’s conclusion is logical but inaccurate 



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