ZT-Study: Semester abroad program

Semester abroad program

1. What is the conversation mainly about?

  • A. The deadlines of the university’s study-abroad programs
  • B. The student’s interest in participating in a study-abroad program
  • C. The student’s decision to major in French language and literature
  • D. The procedure of passport renewal for students going abroad

2. Why can’t the student study abroad in the fall semester?

  • A. His application for the fall semester was too late.
  • B. He must stay at the main campus to work on an academic project.
  • C. He has not taken enough French courses to qualify for the program.
  • D. Other students have already taken all the available spaces.

3. Why does the student feel uncomfortable about asking his advisor for a letter of recommendation?

  • A. His advisor has not known him for long.
  • B. He does not think his advisor considers him qualified for the program.
  • C. He has yet to finish his independent study project.
  • D. He did not follow his advisor’s advice in the past.

4. What does the woman imply about the student’s chances of being accepted into the summer program?

  • A. He will probably not be accepted because he is a transfer student.
  • B. He will probably not be accepted because his passport has expired.
  • C. He will probably be accepted if he receives a strong letter of recommendation from his advisor.
  • D. He will probably not be accepted because he didn’t study French literature in the spring.

5. What can be inferred about the man’s plans at the end of the conversation?

  • A. He will obviously go to France during the fall semester.
  • B. He will probably reconsider his plan to study in France.
  • C. Whether he will stay in the French department remains uncertain
  • D. Whether he will apply to study in France remains uncertain.

答案:B B A C D


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