TPO44C2 Student Art Exhibitions



1.Why does the student go to see the professor?

A. To find out whether the university gallery accepts student artwork.

B. To find out how artwork is selected for university gallery exhibitions.

C. To learn the focus of an upcoming exhibition of student artwork.

D. To learn which techniques the professor will cover in his class on abstract art.


2.Why does the student mention Jackson Pollock?

A. To indicate to the professor that she is familiar with the drip technique.

B. To find out if she can see an original painting by Jackson Pollock in the university gallery.

C. To make a comparison between her paintings and those of Jackson Pollock.

D. To express interest in taking the professor’s class.


3.According to the professor, what distinguishes Jackson Pollock’s work?

A. The method he used for applying paint to a canvas.

B. The location where he did his work.

C. The widespread popularity of his style of art.

D. The size of the paintings he produced.


4.What does the professor imply about his class on abstract art?

A. It focuses primarily on Jackson Pollock.

B. It is one of the most popular classes in the department.

C. It tends to attract the department’s best students.

D. It encourages students to explore different painting techniques.


5.What does the professor imply when he says this: 

A. Students must have taken a course in the technique featured in the exhibition.

B. Exhibiting in the university gallery is a degree requirement for art majors.

C. Artwork submitted by a first-year student will probably not be accepted.

D. The woman should submit her painting soon because the deadline is approaching.

答案:D A C D B


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