1. Why does the student meet with the man?
A. To resolve a problem with her room
B. To find out more about university storage policies
C. To make arrangements to complete her move
D. To discuss her plans for next semester

2. What does the man insist that the student must do?
A. Thoroughly clean her apartment
B. Drop off her keys before morning
C. Pick up her boxes before Thursday
D. Make next year’s housing request early


3. Why will the student not need campus housing next semester?
A. She will be working temporarily in another town
B. She will graduate before the next semester starts.
C. She plans to live in an apartment off campus
D. She plans to transfer to a different university


4. What does the man imply when he says this
A. He is willing to help the student
B. He needs more information from the student
C. Rules have to be followed
D. Rules are sometimes confusing

答案:C B A C


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