ZT-Campus life: Printer at computer lab

Printer at computer lab

1. Why is the woman having a problem at the computer lab?

  • A. She cannot find updated printing instructions online.
  • B. The computer she is using is not connected to a printer.
  • C. She is not aware of the new limit on printouts.
  • D. She is not aware of the change in the process for printing documents.

2. How does the computer lab’s new procedure save paper?

  • A. It requires approval for the printing of documents beyond a certain length.
  • B. It rewards students for using recycled paper.
  • C. It prevents students from printing documents accidentally.
  • D. It allows students to print only documents that are class related.

3. Why is the woman interested in an internship at the greenhouse?

  • A. She hopes it will lead to a permanent job there.
  • B. She wants to broaden her experiences.
  • C. She is considering changing her major course of study to biology.
  • D. She needs to fulfill a requirement for graduation.

4. What can be inferred from the speakers’ discussion of the man’s friend?

  • A. The woman knows the friend from one of her engineering classes.
  • B. The woman hopes the friend can help her get the internship.
  • C. The friend would not advise the woman to work at the greenhouse.
  • D. The friend started the youth program at the greenhouse.

5. What benefits of a green roof does the woman describe?

  • A. It can help decrease energy costs.
  • B. It collects rainwater to supplement the building’s water supply.
  • C. It provides research opportunities for students.
  • D. It reduces water pollution in the area.

答案:D  C  B  B  AD


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