ZT-Creation of art

Creation of art

1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?

  • A. To describe the importance of recently discovered documents from fifteenth-century Italy 
  • B. To contrast styles of painting in the fifteenth-century with styles of painting today
  • C. To explain why Renaissance painters were willing to accept guidance from non-artists
  • D. To make a connection between social values and the creation of art during the Renaissance 

2. According to the professor, how was the price of a new painting determined during the High Renaissance?

  • A. Artists usually set the price based on how much time they had worked on the painting.
  • B. Buyers generally dictated the price before the artist began the painting. 
  • C. The price was negotiated between the artist and buyer and was usually based on the painting’s size.
  • D. The price was determined on the open market and reflected changing fashions. 

3. Why was ultramarine highly valued as a pigment during the first half of the fifteenth century?

  • A. It was a shade of blue that had not been seen before in Italy.
  • B. It was commonly used to decorate expensive jewelry.
  • C. It was suitable for use both in paintings and on frames. 
  • D. It was a rich color that maintained its intensity over time. 

4. Why does the professor mention black clothing?

  • To illustrate a trend away from open displays of material wealth
  • To point out the realistic depiction of clothing in Renaissance paintings
  • To show how master artists influenced fashion trends in the fifteenth century 
  • To emphasize social differences between master painters and their assistants 

5. What does the professor imply about master painters working in the late fifteenth century?

  • A. They alone decided on the subject matter of their paintings.
  • B. They had higher social status than painters from earlier in the century.
  • C. They were not required to use as many expensive materials as in the past. 
  • D. It is impossible to know how much of an artwork they personally painted. 

6. Listen to part of the lecture, then answer the question.

Why does the professor say this: 🎧

  • A. To correct an error he just made
  • B. To prevent a possible misunderstanding
  • C. To suggest he is unsure whether paintings became less expensive
  • D. To highlight an important historical development



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