ZT-Study: An Artist Discussed in Class

An Artist Discussed in Class

1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • A. An artist who was discussed in a recent class
  • B. The requirements for an upcoming project 
  • C. Reasons that the student will miss an upcoming class 
  • D. The topic of a paper the student was writing

2. What does the student say about the national debate tournament?

  • A. The tournament site was further away than she would have liked.
  • B. She was satisfied with her team’s performance at the tournament.
  • C. More teams were allowed to compete this year.
  • D. This year’s debate topic was unusually complex.

3. According to the professor, what was Alexander Calder’s most significant contribution to the art world? 

  • A. He produced an impressive range of both painting and sculpture.
  • B. He used a new material to create his sculptures.
  • C. He proved that engineers could be artists as well.
  • D. He showed how sculpture could involve movement.

4. What does the professor imply about Alexander Calder’s mobiles? 

  • A. They were originally designed with babies in mind.
  • B. They are difficult for the average museum goer to understand.
  • C. They were eventually developed to rely less on motors.
  • D. The original mobiles had technical problems.

5. Why does the professor say this: 🎧

  • A. To indicate that he does not approve of the student’s choice 
  • B. To encourage the student to take trips all around the country 
  • C. To let the student know that he excuses her absence 
  • D. To find out what is important to the student

答案:A B D C C


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