ZT-Campus life: Fund raising

Fund raising

1. Why does the woman go to see the man?

  • A. To ask how to make arrangements for an on-campus event 
  • B. To discuss a concert that will raise funds for her club 
  • C. To propose a budget for an upcoming event on campus 
  • D. To find out his ideas for future student activities

2. Why does the woman want to book the Jimmy Smith Band?

  • A. They are popular among students on campus.
  • B. They have a past connection on the university.
  • C. They do not change a lot of money for performances.
  • D. They will be nearby in a couple of months.
  • E. They are similar to a well-known musical group.

3. Why does the man mention the office of the dean?

  • A. To point out where the woman has to submit the application form 
  • B. To indicate which office directly contacts bands to arrange for campus concerts 
  • C. To suggest that the budget-approval process may take some time 
  • D. To explain why student activities will not be fully funded this year

4. What does the man imply about a car-wash fund-raiser?

  • A. He thinks it would be difficult for students to organize.
  • B. He remembers it was a successful fund-raiser for his colleague. 
  • C. He doubts it would help the woman earn much money.
  • D. He does not think it would be approved by the university.

5. Why does the man think that local businesses would be willing to provide items for an auction? 

  • A. To strengthen ties with the university 
  • B. To get free concert tickets for their employees 
  • C. To receive a portion of the profits 
  • D. To promote their companies

答案:A BDE C C D


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