ZT LITERATURE-British Poetry

British Poetry

1. What is the lecture mainly about?

  • A. The professor’s opinion regarding William Wordsworth’s poetry
  • B. William Wordsworth’s intention in writing poems
  • C. The popularity of William Wordsworth’s poetry.
  • D. The influence of Neoclassicism on Romanticism

2. What are two features of Wordsworth’s poems that the professor discusses?
[Choose two answers]

  • A. complex symbolism
  • B. simple language
  • C. focus on love and romance
  • D. familiar subject matters

3. What are two points the professor makes that are about Romantic poets?
[Choose two answers]

  • A. They were interested in human emotion.
  • B. They referred themselves as Romantic Poets.
  • C. They rejected certain principles of Neoclassic poetry.
  • D. They valued ideals of order and balance.

4. What is the professor’s opinion of Wordsworth’s poetry?

  • A. He agrees with the views of nature it presents.
  • B. He thinks Wordsworth’s work fell off over time.
  • C. He likes Wordsworth’s work the Prelude best.
  • D. He will rewrite some of Wordsworth work himself.

5. Listen to part of the lecture, and then answer the question.

Why does the professor say this? 🎧

  • A. To argue that Neoclassic poetry was in fact more accurate
  • B. To suggest a different way to describe objects in poetry
  • C. To show that 19th century English writing was excessive
  • D. To illustrate the difference between Neoclassic poets and Wordsworth

6. Listen to part of the lecture, and then answer the question.

What does the professor imply when he says this? 🎧

  • A. That the students would have to reach their own conclusion
  • B. That few people actually read Wordsworth’s poetry
  • C. That they will read only Wordsworth’s poems from early period
  • D. That there are a lot of difficulty in understanding Wordsworth’s poetry

答案:B BD AC A D C


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