ZT-Study: Ecological Research

Ecological Research

1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

  • A. To request extra time to complete an assignment 
  • B. To explain why she will miss the next class 
  • C. To clarify the requirements of a class assignment 
  • D. To discuss the results of a lab experiment

2. What does the professor imply about the student’s extended field trip?

  • A. He would like to know more about the fieldwork the student did.
  • B. He was unaware of the problems the student had on the trip
  • C. He knew that there would be problems on the trip.
  • D. He has been in similar situations himself.

3. Why does the professor tell the student about the importance of cane toads to Australia?

  • A. To remind the student of a topic she studied last semester
  • B.  To provide an example of a concept he is describing
  • C. To explain the purpose of the lab assignment the student will work on 
  • D. To amuse the student with an anecdote from his own student days

4. What fact from the radio interview with an ecologist surprised the student?

  • A. Global warming may be less harmful to biodiversity than oil palm cultivation.
  • B. Global warming may have benefited some species of butterflies.
  • C. Oil palm cultivation has contributed greatly to global warming.
  • D.  Oil palm tree populations have suffered as a result of global warming.

5. What advantages of the oil palm do the speakers mention?

  • A. It resists damage from imported insects.
  • B. It is an easy crop to grow.
  • C. It creates a habitat for rare animal species.
  • D. It is used in a wide range of products.
  • E. It has a positive impact on communities where it is grown

答案:C D B A BDE


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