ZT-Campus life: Job application

Job application

1. Why does the student go to see the work-study coordinator?

  • A To ask the work-study coordinator about a job workshop
  • B To apply for a computer lab assistant position
  • C To start the job-application process
  • D To complain about her housing situation

2. Why does the student inform the work-study coordinator about her dorm room?

  • A To give a reason why she came earlier than the scheduled time
  • B To explain why she prefers to work on campus
  • C To persuade him that she is eager to find a job
  • D To inform him that she can only meet for fifteen minutes

3. What does the work-study coordinator tell the student that surprises her?

  • A She is eligible for most of the remaining positions.
  • B He guarantees every student the largest selection they can choose from.
  • C Jobs are available only for students who come early.
  • D Many positions have already been occupied.

4. What does the work-study coordinator ask the student to do?

  • A Contemplate a counseling position with students who are under pressure
  • B List all the software programs she knows
  • C Look at a list of available positions
  • D Contact the person who will be conducting her interview

5. Why does the work-study coordinator say this?

  • A To indicate that the remaining jobs can be tough at times
  • B To assist the student in deciding between two job opening positions
  • C To point out that all jobs require practical experiences
  • D To compare between a more popular job and a more demanding job

答案:C A D CD B


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