1. What is the main purpose of the lecture?
A. To discuss the relationship between a person’ s personality and his or her age
B. To describe a set of personality traits that are helpful in dealing with problems
C. To explain recent findings about personality formation
D. To describe some personality traits that are mainly genetic in nature

2. Why does the professor mention online courses being offered by the psychology department?
A. To give an example of a problem faced by the psychology department
B. To contrast two ways of responding to a challenge
C. To point out that online courses can lead to a career in health psychology
D. To encourage students to register for courses

3. What point does the professor make about natural mentors?
A. They are usually parents.
B. They do not necessarily have resilient personalities.
C. They appear to be born with resilient personality traits.
D. They can help young people deal with negative situations

4. According to the professor, how do the demands of working at a regular job affect a person?
A. They often test a person’s resilience.
B. They can lead to positive personality change
C. They may lead a person to change jobs frequently.
D. They provide perfectionists with opportunities for job satisfaction

5. According to the professor, what can people do to become more resilient? Click on 2 answers
A. Become aware of their positive and negative personality traits
B. Take an online psychology course
C. Ask others for help
D. Avoid setting goals that are overly ambitious

6. Why does the professor say this:
A. To share how she felt about negative experiences in her own life
B. To indicate how people normally feel under challenging circumstances
C. To suggest a question that leads to a deeper understanding of oneself
D. To illustrate an important concept by describing its opposite

答案:B B D B AC D


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