ZT-Meteorology: Hurricanes


1. What is the main purpose of the discussion?

  • A. To describe the design of hydrophones used by hurricane researchers
  • B. To introduce a new approach to measuring the power of hurricanes and cyclones 
  • C. To explain how meteorologists study the causes of hurricanes and cyclones 
  • D. To discuss factors that determine the wind speed of hurricanes and cyclones

2. According to the professor,what is one benefit of hurricane monitoring airplanes?

  • A. They help meteorologists determine the storm’s path. 
  • B. They can gather all necessary information in just a few flights. 
  • C. Their equipment is not as sophisticated as a new technology. 
  • D. They can provide direct measurements of wind speed.

3. What are two advantages of using a hydrophone to measure hurricane intensity?

  • A. They can transmit underwater sounds to airplanes. 
  • B. They can lower the cost of monitoring hurricanes. 
  • C. They can be set up before a hurricane reaches an area. 
  • D. They can be installed close to the surface of the ocean.

4. What does the professor imply about the relationship between the two researchers he mentions?

  • A. It will likely lead to other breakthroughs in meteorology. 
  • B. It demonstrates the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations. 
  • C. It developed over many years of working in the similar field. 
  • D. It led to the invention of an underwater microphone.

5. Why does the professor mention a hydrophone listening for underwater earthquakes?

  • A. To point out the fact the underwater earthquakes are hard to detect 
  • B. To help explain how hydrophones work 
  • C. To point out that different types of hydrophones exist
  • D. To provide the validation of a new technique

6. Why does the professor say this:

答案:B D  BC B D /


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