TPO48-C1 Get A New Campus Job


Get A New Campus Job

Listen to a conversation between a student and a university employee at the campus employment office.




  1. Why does the student go to the employment office?
  • A. To get feedback from his previous supervisor
  • B. To try to have his work hours reduced
  • C. To find out about getting an on-campus job
  • D. To compare various job offers that he has received


  1. Why does the university employee seem surprised at the student’s request for on-campus jobs?
  • A. Because she knows he is interested in off-campus jobs
  • B. Because she expected him to apply earlier in the semester
  • C. Because she knows he recently quit an on-campus job
  • D. Because she thought he already had an on-campus job


  1. What does the student imply about the job he had at the library last year?
  • A. It did not require as much training as jobs in restaurants.
  • B. It did not pay as well as jobs in restaurants.
  • C. It offered a flexible work schedule for students.
  • D. It convinced him to become a librarian in the future.


  1. Why does the student mention his friend Suzanne?
  • A. To compare his restaurant job with her job at the photograph lab
  • B. To suggest that he wants to work with her
  • C. To explain why students do not want to have janitorial jobs
  • D. To explain why he thinks there is a job opening


  1. What can be inferred about the woman when she says this: 🎧
  • A. She believes that there is no way to confirm that information.
  • B. She is concerned about information security.
  • C. She doubts the accuracy of the information.
  • D. She does not find the information helpful.



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