ZT-Study: Get information about a class requirement

Get information about a class requirement

1. Why does the student go to see the professor?

  • A. To ask about an upcoming meeting of the psychology club 
  • B. To find out the process for changing his major field study 
  • C. To get information about a class requirement 
  • D. To learn about possible internship opportunities

2. What does the professor say about her experience as a student in the psychology club?

  • A. It helped her to obtain a summer internship.
  • B. It helped her to narrow down her interest in psychology.
  • C. It prepared her to better understand her future students.
  • D. It helped her to see the connection between psychology and other fields of study.

3. Why does the professor mention experts and novices?

  • A. To clarify the purpose of the research paper 
  • B. To point out the flaws in a research paper 
  • C. To describe the progression of classes for a psychology major
  • D. To explain a case study that was not discussed in class

4. What point does the student make when he talks about an experiment concerning Newton’s laws of motion?

  • A. Novices are sometimes better than experts at recognizing fundamental principles.
  • B. Novices’ difficulty in solving equations affects their understanding of abstract concepts.
  • C. Experts begin problem solving by making use of broad principles.
  • D. Experts tend to employ create methods to recall details.

5. Why does the student say this:

答案:C B A C /


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