ZT:天文学-Solar activity

1. What is the lecture mainly about?

  • A. A potential way of predicting the intensity of solar activity
  • B. The weakening of the Sun’s magnetic field over time
  • C. The difference between weather on the Sun and on Earth
  • D. Different theories about the location of sunspots

2. What does the professor say is the main source of solar storms on the Sun?

  • A. A collision between the Sun’s two solar conveyor belts
  • B. The creation of new sunspots near the Sun’s poles
  • C. The excess radiation the Sun sends into space
  • D. The movement of the Sun’s magnetic field

3. Why does the professor mention Earth’s Great Ocean Conveyor Belt?

  • A. To compare the flow of the gas on Earth and on the Sun
  • B. To point out a common misconception about sunspots
  • C. To help students visualize a similar phenomenon on the Sun
  • D. To point out difference between the magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth

4. How do scientists measure the speed of the Sun Conveyor Belt?

  • A. By analyzing the direction of the solar wind
  • B. By analyzing the concentration of gases on the Sun
  • C. By measuring the speed of radiation leaving the Sun’s surface
  • D. By tracking the changing locations of sunspots

5. Why is the ability to predict the strength of solar storms important to scientists?

  • A. It enables scientists to predict changes in Earth’s oceanic currents
  • B. It helps scientist to determine the best time for space exploration
  • C. It allows scientists to accurately calculate the strength of the Sun’s magnetic field
  • D. It alerts scientists to potential disruptions of communications systems on Earth

6. What is the professor’s attitude about using observations of the Sun’s Conveyor Belt to predict future solar storm activity?

  • A. They are not at all useful for predicting solar activity
  • B. They are helpful only in making general predictions
  • C. They are best used to determine the time of solar maximum
  • D. They should be adapted for the study of Earth’s ocean Conveyor Belt

答案:A D C D BD B


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