Set 1PlayPotteryCambrian ExplosionMeal planSaprophytesAurora
Set 2Job at the libraryTitanBreath collectorsThornton WilderSaharaExtinction of large mammals
Set 3Orff methodSquirrelsPhytolithsLost IDMutualismProtein
Set 4Well-made playPolar bear evolutionDinosaurTravel expensesCryogenianSocial Evaluation
Set 5Housing for next yearHabitForaging and farmingTickets for the playTectonic PlatesArt movement Oulipo
Set 6Semester abroad programBritish PoetryColonizing the moonAn Artist Discussed in ClassA controversial portrait of ShakespeareCreation of art
Set 7Ecological ResearchBalletPrinted musicGet information about a class requirementEvolutionary adaptationsClimate effects
Set 8Job applicationBacteriaManatee navigationBiofuelSolar activityBrown Dwarf
Set 9Printer at computer labNebulaIOFundraisingPrecipitation on TitanHurricanes
Set 10Buyback policyFinchesTech DeterminismAlchemyCoral ReefLean engineering