Conversation1 – Campus Life

1. Why does the woman go to see the director? Click on two answers.
A. To ask which meal plans are available to her the following year
B. To ask about a refund for the unused meals in her current meal plan
C. To ask if she can cancel her meal plan contract
D. To ask if her meal plan covers food for guests

2. What does the man imply about the parents of first-year students?
A. They would prefer that their children have too many meals rather than too few.
B. They sometimes get confused about how the university’s meal plans work.
C. They often complain about the high cost of their children’s meal plans.
D. They would prefer that their children make their own meal arrangements.

3. According to the director, what is the policy concerning meal plans for third and fourth years? Click on two answers.
A. They do not have to buy a meal plan.
B. They may invite more than fifteen guests to eat on their meal plan.
C. They may buy any meal plan that the university offers.
D. They are not allowed to buy a meal plan if they live off campus.

4. Why does the man mention the student’s friends?
A. To find out if they are having a similar problem
B. To suggest a way for the student to use her extra meals
C. To point out that most students are satisfied with their meal plans
D. To suggest that the student join a campus organization

5. How does the student feel about talking to the dean?
A. She really wants to see the dean immediately about a refund.
B. She is rather shy to such an important person.
C. She is reluctant to spend time to go see the dean now.
D. She is concerned that the dean will be too busy at this time of year.