ZT-Astronomy: Magnetization of Moon Rock

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Magnetization of Moon Rock

1.What is the lecture mainly about

  • A. The effect of Earth’s magnetic field on rock samples from the Moon
  • B. Evidence of how some rocks on the Moon became magnetized
  • C. Competing theories about the origin of the Moon
  • D. The differences between two recently analyzed Moon rocks

2.According to the dynamo theory, what two processes contribute to the creation of Earth’s magnetic field? Click on 2 answers.

  • A. An intense magnetic event at the time Earth formed
  • B. The impact of meteorites on Earth’s surface
  • C. Circulating molten iron in Earth’s core
  • D. The Earth’s rotation

3.Why does the professor mention the Moon’s size

  • A. To explain how scientists determined the composition of the Moon
  • B. To explain how scientists determined when the Moon was formed
  • C. To explain why scientists believed the Moon could never have had a molten core
  • D. To explain why scientists believed the Moon and Earth’s core were formed through similar processes

4.Why does the professor discuss meteorites and asteroids

  • A. To explain how some scientists thought lunar rocks became magnetized
  • B. To provide details of how the Moon was formed
  • C. To explain unusual geologic formations on some parts of the Moon
  • D. To explain how the Moon could have generated a dynamo

5.What did scientists learn about the trocto

  • A. It is the youngest Moon rock collected to date.
  • B. It had been in a magnetic environment for millions of years.
  • C. It was probably not formed through the solidification of molten iron.
  • D. It was most likely magnetized by an impact with a large object.

6.What is the professor’s opinion of the lunar dynamo theory

  • A. He believes it should be accepted by all scientists.
  • B. He is concerned that it does not explain irregularities in some Moon rocks.
  • C. He thinks it contradicts a widely accepted hypothesis regarding the Moon’s origin.
  • D. He believes there is enough evidence to justify further research.
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