ZT-Art history: Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

1. What is the main purpose of the lecture? 

  • A. To explain how the Eiffel Tower was designed
  • B. To highlight the similarities between the Eiffel Tower and other modern buildings 
  • C. To show how perceptions of the Eiffel Tower changed over time 
  • D. To argue that the Eiffel Tower has always been admired by artists

2. According to the professor, why was Eiffel Tower built?

  • A. To display French technological achievements
  • B. To create a new landmark for Paris
  • C. To welcome visitors to the Universal Exposition
  • D. To encourage the design of tall buildings in prominent cities

3. Why does the professor mention that the arches of the Eiffel Tower resemble railway bridges?  

  • A. To show how difficult it was to build an iron tower in the 1880s 
  • B. To emphasize the structural strength of the Eiffel Tower 
  • C. To imply that railway bridges were the inspiration for the design of the tower 
  • D. To give a reason why the Eiffel Tower was disliked

4. According to the professor, what characterize the Beaux Arts style? 

  • A. simple entryways 
  • B. classical forms and details 
  • C. the use of heavy industrial materials 
  • D. the absence of columns

5. What is the professor’s opinion about the criticisms of the Eiffel Tower upon its completion?

  • A. They were understandable considering the style of architecture that was popular when it was built. 
  • B. They were inappropriate since they threatened the success of the Universal Exposition.
  • C. They were failed by competition among artists in Paris.
  • D. They helped bring the Beaux Arts period to a close.

6. Why does the professor describe the clouds of Robert Delaunay’s painting “the Eiffel Tower”?

  • A. To point out an image in the painting that symbolizes a dramatic break from traditional painting styles 
  • B. To give an example of a type of image that is seldom found in Cubist paintings 
  • C. To explain that Delaunay incorporated Beaux Arts images into his paintings
  • D. To give an example of an image that appeared many times in Delaunay’s paintings of the Eiffel Tower

答案:C  AC  D  B  A  A