TPO69L2 How to Create A Powerful Artwork



1.What aspect of drawing is the talk mainly about?

A. How to make a drawing look like a photograph

B. How to draw figures in motion

C. How to develop a more abstract style

D. How to convey a personal point of view


2.Why does the professor discuss a drawing of his son?

A. To give an example of art that creates a powerful response

B. To explain a technique he uses for drawing the human figure

C. To describe the bond that exists between children and animals

D. To inform students about a gallery show that will open soon


3.When the professor talks about tourists, what point is he making about artists?

A. The best artists provide the type of art the public demands.

B. Artists should find personal connections with things they observe.

C. Artists should produce work with a wide variety of content.

D. New artists need to gain familiarity with the work of established artists.


4.What does the professor strongly encourage his students to do in order to become better artists?

Click on 3 answers

A. Avoid copying his style of drawing

B. Pay less attention to current artistic trends

C. Choose a great artist as a role model

D. Develop their own way of communicating artistically

E. Study art in another country


5.Why does the professor want students to use cameras in a class exercise?

A. So that they can take pictures of their own artwork

B. So that they can see what the world looks like through a camera lens

C. So that they can practice some techniques used by famous photographers

D. So that they can analyze which images they find emotionally powerful 


6.Why does the professor say this:

A. To call attention to his desire to become a famous artist

B. To acknowledge that he may be overemphasizing his point

C. To explain why he chooses dramatic subjects for his artwork

D. To confirm that students understood the main point in his last class 


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