TPO69L1 Hydrothermal Vents



1.What does the professor mainly discuss?

A. The process by which molten rock can enter the ocean

B. The formation of hydrothermal vents

C. The differences between geysers and hydrothermal vents

D. The mineral composition of hydrothermal vent chimneys 


2.According to the professor, what is the main difference between geysers and hydrothermal vents?

A. Where they occur

B. What causes them

C. The size of their plumes

D. The temperature of the water they emit


3.What aspect of hydrothermal vents is of most significance to the professor?

A. Their role in supporting unusual life forms

B. Their role in affecting the chemical composition of the oceans

C. Their role in affecting the movement of ocean plates

D. Their role in affecting the temperature of ocean water 


4.What conditions are needed for hydrothermal vents to form?

A. Heated rock beneath the ocean floor

B. Rocks on the ocean floor with high mineral content

C. Cracks in the ocean floor 

D. Strong ocean currents 


5.What are two differences between black smokers and white smokers?

A. Black smokers emit water at a higher temperature.

B. Black smokers are more common than white smokers are.

C. Black smokers are found in deeper ocean water.

D. Black smokers release different types of minerals than white smokers release.


6.What does the professor say about the chimney structures that grow around hydrothermal vents?

A. They last only a few years.

B. They are formed by a single mineral.

C. They can grow very tall.

D. Their growth rate depends on the temperature of the water emitted from the vent.


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