TPO69C2 Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre



1.Why does the professor criticize the man’s efforts on an assignment?

A. He did not follow the professor’s earlier advice.

B. He did not get the professor’s approval for his paper topic.

C. He did not discuss some material that the professor considers important.

D. He did not read more novel by the same author.


2.What is the man’s initial reaction to the professor’s criticism?

A. He is unhappy that the professor did not read his paper carefully.

B. He is embarrassed because he knows he did not put much time into this assignment.

C. He did not realize that this assignment was so important to his class grade.

D. He does not think that the problem is as important as the professor does.


3.Why does the professor discuss the setting of The Wide Sargasso Sea? 

A. To encourage the man to analyze that aspect of the novel more thoroughly 

B. To identify one aspect of the novel that has made it very popular with the public 

C. To emphasize that authors often choose places they have lived as settings for their novels 

D. To explain why the author named her novel after a place rather than a character


4.The professor suggests that the student failed to discuss an important fact about the main character, Antoinette, in The Wide Sargasso Sea. What fact was it?

A. The novel is told entirely from Antoinette’s point of view.

B. Antoinette is based on a character from another novel.

C. Antoinette has been the subject of many literary studies.

D. Antoinette’s experiences are based on the life of a famous writer.


5.What does the man imply about rewriting his paper?

A. He is not sure that he understands what the professor expects from him.

B. He is not confident that he will be able to produce a better paper.

C. He would like to attend one of the professor’s writing conferences first.

D. He would prefer to discuss Jane Eyre in a different paper.


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