TPO69C1 Overdue Fine



1.Why does the student go to see the woman?

A. To make sure he has completed enough course to graduate

B. To find out when his student loan must be paid back

C. To pick up an administrative form

D. To complain about a library fine


2.What is the student’s problem?

A. He forgot to return some library books

B. He cannot start paying off his student loan yet

C. He paid his graduation fee too late

D. He owes money to the music library


3.Who is Professor Williams?

A. The head of the library

B. The director of a play the student was in

C. The student’s music professor 

D. The person who arranged a job interview for the student


4.What is the most likely reason the student did not receive the notice from the library?

A. He recently moved.

B. He has been out of town.

C. The library just mailed it the day before.

D. The library sent it to Professor Williams.


5.What can be inferred about the student when he says this:

A. He is not sure how to respond to the woman.

B. He feels he has been treated unfairly.

C. He wonders if there is another solution.

D. He does not think the woman’s suggestion will work.


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