TPO67L3 Technical or Aesthetic



  1. What aspect of nineteenth-century interior design does the professor mainly discuss?

A. Ways that French designs affected popular taste in decorating in England

B. Elements that interfered with the international trade in wallpaper designs

C. The controversy over how much impact the design reform movement had on wallpaper patterns

D. The controversy over new wallpaper designs made possible by advances in technology


2. Why did design reformers criticize the wallpapers that won awards at the Exhibition of 1851?

A. The wallpapers were made using few colors and little ornamentation.

B. The wallpapers were selected for technical rather than aesthetic merit.

C. The wallpapers were poor imitations of French designs.

D. The wallpapers were not made of high quality paper.


3. What effect did the use of engraved metal rollers have on wallpaper production?

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A. It lowered the cost of making wallpaper.

B. It enabled the first printings of geometric patterns.

C. It reduced the use of trompeI’oeil design.

D. It allowed for the printing of very fine detail.


4. Why does the professor read descriptive passages from Victorian writers?

A. To point out the connection between interior design and literary form

B. To show why the new wallpapers irritated some critics

C. To demonstrate that the new wallpapers deserved poetic description

D. To show that wallpaper was centrally important to home decoration


5. What is the professor’s attitude toward design reformers who opposed trompe l’oeil wallpapers?

A. He is impressed by their ability to think critically.

B. He thinks they are misunderstood by other art critics.

C. He feels they were overly dependent on the latest technology.

D. He thinks their arguments lack credibility.


6. What does the professor imply about the design reformers’ efforts to oppose the wallpaper design trend?

A. It did not affect consumer purchasing decisions.

B. It increased the popularity of French designs.

C. It caused increased demand for English goods abroad.

D. It resulted in higher sales of wallpaper with traditional geometric designs.


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