TPO67C2 Career Choice



  1. Why does the man go to see the professor?

A. To get her opinion of his plan to teach abroad

B. To get her ideas about careers he might pursue

C. To request her assistance in gaining admission to a teacher training program

D. To find out about her experience working as a volunteer after college


2. What does the professor imply about her own career decisions?

A. She is grateful that she was able to ask her English professor for help.

B. She realized what career she wanted while she was studying abroad.

C. She missed a good opportunity because she waited too long.

D. She was still undecided when she was at the same stage that the student is today.


3. According to the professor, why might the program she mentions be well suited to the man?

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A. It involves going abroad.

B. It would prepare him to teach.

C. It would give him an opportunity to do journalism.

D. It provides an opportunity to do volunteer work.

E. It would not require him to spend much money.


4. Why is the professor familiar with the teacher certification program?

A. She helped develop a brochure about the program.

B. She participated in the same program after college

C. She has a former student who took part in the program

D. She saw a positive review of the program posted on the bulletin board


5. What does the professor imply when she says this:

A. She does not want the man to follow her bad example

B. She considers herself lucky

C. Her example may not be helpful to the man

D. She does not like talking about herself



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