1. Why does the woman go to see the facilities supervisor?

A. To find out where there is a stove that she can use

B. To complain about her treatment in another facilities office

C. To ask if a meeting can be moved to another location

D. To schedule repairs for a broken appliance


2. Why does the woman believe that her problem is a serious one?

[Click on 2 answers]

A. She does not have an on-campus option for meals

B. She is concerned that the stove could be dangerous

C. She knows that other students have had similar problems 

D. She was relying on using the stove for an upcoming event


3. What will the woman probably do next?

A. Request an emergency repair for her stove

B. Prepare a meal that does not need to be cooked

C. Move her event to a different location

D. Reschedule her event to the following week


4. What does the woman imply about her next-door neighbors?

A. Their kitchen is too dirty for her to use.

B. Their stove is not functioning properly.

C. They do not let other people use their stove.

D. They will be using their kitchen this weekend.


5. What can be inferred about the supervisor when he says this:

A. He feels sorry for the woman.

B. He believes that the woman’s plan of action is not necessary.

C. He wants to know the reason for the woman’s decision.

D. He wants the woman to cnfirm her plan.


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