TPO49L4 Pottery (Archaeology)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. Changes over time in the functions of pottery

B. comparison of three types of pottery

C. Kinds of archaeological evidence that pottery provides

D. Improved techniques used for dating pottery


2.Why does the professor list several reasons that pots were traded?

A. To support her claim that pottery provides evidence of distribution

B. To clarify what she means when she uses the term “pottery”

C. To explain how archaeologists determine changes to pottery overtime

D. To indicate why certain pottery designs were more popular than others


3.According to the professor, what is one reason it is important to study the material from which pottery was made?

A. It can help archaeologists determine why some types of pottery have not been preserved.

B. It can help archaeologists establish where the pottery came from.

C. It can reveal how pottery-making techniques advanced from one period to the next.

D. It can provide evidence about the trade value of pottery.


4.According to the professor, why is it difficult to gain information on the function of a pot? [Click on two answers.]

A. Not all pots found in the same location have the same function.

B. Not all pots used to perform the same function look alike.

C. Pots are usually broken into many small pieces.

D. Pots are rarely found in the places in which they were used.


5.What is a skeuomorph?

A. An object with a similar function as another, but with a different design

B. A copy of an object, but made from a different material

C. An exact copy of an object made hundreds of years earlier

D. An object designed to have multiple functions


6.Why does the professor say this:

A. She expects that the students are already familiar with the point about how archaeologists use pottery.

B. She has described a problem that is easily solved by archaeologists.

C. She wants to know whether students believe it is easy to determine the time period of a site.

D. She is indicating that the assertion she just made about the function of pottery is, in fact, false.


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