TPO46L4 Copper (Materials Science)



1.What does the professor mainly discuss?[Click on 2 answers.]

A. Reasons for fluctuations in the price of copper

B. Some important attributes of copper

C. The production of coins from copper and zinc

D. The possible future of the United States penny


2.What arguments in favor of keeping the penny in circulation does the professor emphasize?[Click on 2 answers.]

A. Some people are emotionally attached to pennies.

B. Pennies cost very little to produce.

C. The price of consumer goods could rise.

D. The copper industry’s profits depend on the production of pennies.


3.What does the professor say about the negative seigniorage of the nickel?

A. The United States government is looking for ways to reduce it.

B. It is significantly greater than that of the penny.

C. It is less of a problem than some people believe it to be.

D. Merchants benefit from it more than consumers do.


4.Why does the professor mention the trumpet and trombone?

A. To compare the sound-generating properties of copper with those of zinc

B. To exemplify the benefits of mixing copper with other metals

C. To point out that copper can be shaped into a variety of forms

D. To point out that objects containing copper can shine like gold


5.What does the professor imply about the green patina that sometimes appears on copper?

A. It is difficult to remove by conventional means.

B. It adds to the beauty of objects made of copper.

C. It serves a useful function.

D. It reduces the conductivity of copper.


6.Why does the professor say this:

A. He wants the woman to realize her own mistake.

B. He wants the woman to support her point with precise numbers.

C. He realizes he neglected to mention an important detail.

D. He shares the woman’s concern about the copper industry.


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