TPO45L4 Early Pottery (Anthropology)



1.What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To explore possible solutions to an anthropological mystery

B. To analyze the results of a nutritional experiment

C. To explain why human beings first started creating ceramics

D. To examine changes in the dietary preferences of an ancient culture


2.According to the professor, why would the ceramic vessels used by ancient Arctic people be likely to break?

A. Ancient Arctic people used cooking techniques unsuitable for ceramic pots.

B. Ancient Arctic people were frequently moving from place to place.

C. The vessels were not made with high-quality clay.

D. The vessels were often exposed to extreme temperatures.


3.Why does the professor mention that the Arctic climate is cold and wet?

A. To explain why ancient Arctic people found warm food appealing

B. To explain why ancient Arctic people required a diet that was rich in meat

C. To explain the difficulties of manufacturing pottery in such a climate

D. To explain why some foods could not be stored in clay pots


4.What does the professor imply about ancient Arctic people’s food preferences?

A. They liked raw foods better than minimally cooked foods

B. They enjoyed eating foods that had been prepared in contrasting ways.

C. Their preferences changed dramatically over time.

D. They liked foods cooked in ceramic vessels better than foods cooked in other types of containers.


5.According to the professor, why did ancient Arctic people cook using small fires? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. Their pottery could not withstand intense heat.

B. Small fires made it easier to control cooking speed.

C. Cooking had to be done indoors.

D. Fuel was difficult to obtain.


6.Why does the student say this:

A. He wants to make sure the professor is referring to the past and not the present.

B. He does not understand why making ceramics in the Arctic is considered challenging.

C. He thinks the fact that ancient Arctic people made ceramics requires some explanation.

D. He does not believe the ancient Arctic people actually made ceramics.


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