TPO44C1 Way To Solve A Problem



1.Why does the student go to see the professor?

A. To get his opinion about why a project she recently completed had unexpected results. 

B. To discuss how a topic covered in class is similar to her group’s research topic.

C. To ask him for suggestions to address a problem in her research.

D. To discuss the professor’s concern about her group’s research project.


2.In response to the professor’s question, what does the woman say about Tom and Jane?

A. They are working on an assignment for another class.

B. They are already observing students for the research project.

C. They are dealing with a technical issue at the library.

D. They are making arrangements at the library for their research project.


3.What had the group of students planned to research?

A. The effect of noise on the productivity of library employees.

B. The effect of changing the amount of light in the library. 

C. The study habits of students in the library. 

D. The effect that being observed while studying has on students.


4.Why does the professor mention lighting?

A. To explain why production costs gradually increased over the years at a manufacturing plant

B. To give a reason for a decline in productivity at two manufacturing plants

C. To compare the working conditions at two manufacturing plants

D. To give an example of a working condition that was adjusted at a manufacturing plant


5.Why does the student say this? 

A. She is disappointed with the observations that the members of her group have made so far. 

B. She does not understand the point that the professor is making.

C. She wants to determine a way for her group to make observations in secret.

D. She is aware that her group’s presence might affect student behavior.


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