TPO42L4 Service Failures (Marketing)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. The most common causes of service failures

B. Effective strategies for preventing service failures

C. The importance of having a plan to address service failures

D. Ways in which different industries respond to service failures


2.Why does the professor talk about a car rental agency?

A. To demonstrate the importance of employee training 

B. To introduce the concept of service recovery 

C. To point out that most service failures are within a company’s control 

D. To point out that it is costly to implement a service recovery plan


3.Why does the student mention his experience at a hotel in Chicago?

A. To show how complaints about a negative experience can hurt a business 

B. To illustrate a surprising result of a successful service recovery 

C. To give an example of an ineffective service recovery 

D. To stress the importance of preventive maintenance in the hotel industry


4.What is the professor’s opinion of the service recovery paradox?

A. It should not be relied on as a way to increase customer loyalty.

B. It does not produce long-lasting benefits for the service provider.

C. It is more common in the hotel industry than in other service industries.

D. It can only be beneficial if the customer is not aware of the original failure.


5.What point does the professor make when she mentions a fast-food restaurant?

A. Service failures should be analyzed from the service provider’s perspective.

B. A customer’s reaction to a service failure can vary under different circumstances. 

C. It is important for service managers to identify the source of a service failure. 

D. Some service industries are more vulnerable than others to service failures.


6.Why does the professor say this:

A. To review the main points of the lecture

B. To suggest topics for the students’ next research assignment

C. To indicate possible reasons why negative word of mouth is damaging to businesses

D. To specify where research is needed to better understand service recovery


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