TPO40L4 Infrastructure Privatization (United States Government)



1.What issue does the professor mainly discuss?

A. Government purchases of private property to expand transportation routes

B. The rising cost of public transportation in the United States

C. The transfer of certain public assets to for-profit companies

D. Whether voters can be persuaded to approve toll increases


2.Why does the professor mention highway construction that took place during the 1950s and 1960s?

A. To point out changes in voter attitudes toward toll and tax increases

B. To suggest that mistakes were made when the highway system was built

C. To explain why traffic congestion is not as bad as it used to be

D. To make a point about the current need for infrastructure repairs


3.According to the professor, why do governments consider selling or leasing pieces of infrastructure? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. Governments often have difficulty balancing their general budgets.

B. The money that governments receive from user fees has gone down in recent years.

C. Political considerations limit governments’ ability to raise money for maintenance.

D. Private companies are better able to estimate the cost of infrastructure repairs.


4.What does the professor imply about some people’ s concerns over privatizing parts of an infrastructure?

A. Their concerns are likely to diminish in the future.

B. Their concerns are completely justified.

C. Their concerns suggest that voters need better information.

D. Their concerns have mostly been disregarded by governments.


5.What does the professor imply about secondary roads?

A. Their availability tends to limit toll increases on major highways.

B. They can be more expensive to repair than major highways are.

C. Increasing numbers of them are becoming toll roads.

D. Commuters are attracted to them for their scenic qualities.


6.According to the professor, what is likely to happen when a bridge provides steady revenue for a private company?

A. The bridge will be well maintained in the long term.

B. The company will not raise tolls.

C. Other companies will be interested in buying the bridge.

D. Voters will pressure the government to buy back the bridge.


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