TPO38L2 Congruent and Incongruent Media (Business)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. The advantages of congruent over incongruent media for advertising cars.

B. The advantages of using magazines over television as an incongruent advertising medium.

C. How incongruent media can be used for effective advertising.

D. How advertising using only one type of media can increase brand awareness.


2.According to the professor, what is one of the advantages of placing an advertisement in congruent media?

A. Consumers process the information more carefully than they would if it appeared in other media.

B. The advertisement is seen by consumers who would be most interested in the product advertised.

C. Consumers can easily compare the product advertised with its competitors.

D. Consumers are repeatedly exposed to the advertisement.


3.Why does the professor mention car buyers who subscribe to more than one magazine?

A. To emphasize the importance of product design in appealing to readers with different interests.

B. To emphasize the importance of keeping a marketing strategy up-to-date.

C. To give an example of how marketing can expand a magazine’s readership.

D. To show why marketers need to research overlapping interests.


4.The professor describes a research study in which advertisements for a car were placed in a cooking magazine. What did the researchers find?

A. Readers paid attention to the advertisements because the product advertised did not match the magazine’s theme.

B. Readers’ attention to the advertisements varied depending on the location of the advertisements in the magazine.

C. Readers formed a negative attitude toward the car that was advertised.

D. Readers’ responses to the cooking articles were not affected by the presence of car advertisements.


5.Why does the professor describe two types of car advertisements in a magazine for new parents?

A. To compare the common features of advertisements in congruent and incongruent media.

B. To compare the reactions of older and younger readers when they see a particular product.

C. To point out that a medium that is too incongruent with a product will not reach potential buyers of that product.

D. To point out that magazines are the most effective type of incongruent medium for placing advertisements.


6.What does the professor mean when she says this:

A. She does not agree with the conclusions of the study.

B. Different research studies have led to conflicting conclusions.

C. The student’s conclusion is only partly correct.

D. The student’s conclusion applies to congruent, but not incongruent, media.


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