TPO37L2 Cats’ Domestication (Archaeology)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. The development of a herding instinct in one subspecies of wildcat.

B. The recent discovery of a wildcat subspecies native to Cyprus.

C. The cultural significance of cats in ancient Egypt.

D. The ancient origins of the modern domestic cat.


2.Why does the professor point out that most cats are solitary hunters?

A. To provide one reason that cats might seem unlikely animals to be domesticated.

B. To give an example of a characteristic that developed relatively recently in the evolutionary history of cats.

C. To explain why wild dogs were generally more successful at hunting than cats.

D. To explain why cats evolved into many unique subspecies.


3.According to the professor, what do many ancient Egyptian painting reveal about cats?

A. Cats in ancient Egypt were in the early stages of domestication.

B. Cats were welcome as companions in the homes of ancient Egyptians.

C. Many different breeds of cats existed in ancient Egypt.

D. Ancient Egyptian cats did not closely resemble any of the five subspecies of wildcat.


4.Why do researchers believe that the cat’s grave and the human’s grave on the island of Cyprus provide evidence of early cat domestication? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. Both graves contained a collar, scraps of food, and a bowl.

B. The cat’s body and the human’s body were positioned to face in the same direction when they were buried.

C. The box in which the cat was buried and the box in which the human was buried were similarly decorated. 

D. The cat’s body and the human’s body were apparently buried at the same time.


5.Why does the professor mention that the wildcat subspecies of the Fertile Crescent lived close to the first human settlements?

A. To explain why that subspecies developed an unfriendly disposition

B. To explain why that subspecies was the only one that evolved a relatively small skeletal frame

C. To explain why that subspecies was the only one to be domesticated

D. MARK_1314To explain why members of that subspecies became obligate carnivores


6.What can be inferred about the professor when she says this:

A. She wants the students to tell her which aspects of the theory are not clear.

B. She wants to know whether anyone has already heard the theory.

C. She expects that the students will agree with her that the theory seems reasonable.

D. She is critical of researchers who have oversimplified a complex question.


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