TPO30L1 Metacognition (Psychology)



1.What is the lecture mainly about ?

A. The difference between cognition and metacognition

B. A study showing that dolphins have less cognitive capacity than monkeys

C. The effectiveness of using food as a reward in experiments with monkeys

D. Research that investigates whether animals are aware of feeling uncertainty


2.Why does the professor mention the inability of animals to report what they are thinking?

A. To emphasize that language learning is an ability unique to humans

B. To explain why researchers must be sensitive to nuances in animals’ behavior

C. To point out a difficulty in testing for metacognition in animals

D. To show the need for advancements in the study of animal communication


3.In the dolphin study, how did the researcher make the dolphins’s task increasingly difficult?

A. By showing the dolphin two patterns that were similar in density

B. By playing two sounds that became progressively closer in pitch

C. By producing sounds that were just within the dolphins’ range of hearing

D. By introducing a third paddle that ended on trial and began a new one


4.According to the professor, what objections did some researchers raise with regard to the dolphin study?

A. The study did not distinguish between learned and higher-level responses.

B. The dolphin was not rewarded consistently for pressing the third paddle.

C. Only one dolphin was used in the experiment.

D. The results could not be replicated in a later study.


5.What can be inferred from the results of the study in which monkeys did not receive immediate feedback?

A. The researchers based the study on an incorrect hypothesis.

B. Monkeys respond best to negative reinforcement.

C. Monkeys become confused when they do not receive rewards.

D. Monkeys probably have some degree of metacognitive ability.


6.Why does the professor say this?

A. To emphasize the importance of introductory courses.

B. To find out whether students have taken a psychology course.

C. To imply that students should be familiar with the concept she mentioned.

D. To indicate that she is going to review information from a psychology class.


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