TPO26L1 Green Marketing (Advertising )



1. What is the lecture mainly about?

A. Reasons that environmentally friendly products often cost more than other products

B. Evidence that environmentally laws helped increase demand for environmentally friendly products

C. Differences between green marketing and traditional marketing

D. The development of a trend to market products as environmentally friendly 


2. How does the professor organize the lecture?

A. She gives some historical background, then she presents a case study.

B. She describes several environmental friendly products, then she explains how the public responded to them.

C. She describes a problem, then she proposes several possible solutions.

D. She describes an approach to advertising, then she explains why it is often ineffective. 


3. According to the professor, why did the first effort to market the Eco-light fail?

A. The ads did not explain that the Eco-light was environmentally friendly.

B. The ads did not mention the long-term cost savings that result from using the Eco-light.

C. The ads for the Eco-light were too long and detailed.

D. The process used to manufacture the Eco-light damaged the environment. 


4. What does the professor imply when she mentions companies that are “extreme green” and “lean green”?

A. Some companies have used the terms “extreme green” and “lean green” in their ads.

B. A system is available to classify companies according to their environmental programs. 

C. There are important aspects of green marketing that have been neglected by researchers. 

D. Marketers need to be creative to keep people interested in environmental issues. 


5. What opinion does the professor express about companies that use green advertising campaigns? 

A. The companies should consult environmentalists when developing the campaigns.

B. The companies should publicize research that supports the claims made in their advertisements. 

C. The companies should be fully committed to protecting the environment. 

D. The companies should find ways to lower the price of their environmentally friendly products. 


6. What does the professor imply when she says this:

A. Some green marketing campaigns are difficult to implement. 

B. Some marketing principles need to be updated.

C. The point she is making is difficult to explain.

D. Some marketers had unpleasant experiences with green campaigns 


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