TPO23L2 Clouds (Environmental Science)



1.What is the lecture mainly about?

A. Ways of identifying different types of clouds

B. Recent research findings about the causes of global warming

C. The impact of clouds on global temperatures

D. The impact of human activity on cloud formation


2.According to the professor, what is Earth’s radiation budget?

A. The average temperature difference between land masses and bodies of water

B. The balance between incoming solar energy and reflected solar energy

C. The percentage of incoming solar energy that gets trapped in clouds

D. The portion of marine species that has been affected by global warming


3.Why does the professor discuss albedo?

A. To point out that different surfaces have different reflective properties

B. To suggest that the reflective surfaces on Earth should be increased

C. To demonstrate how a cloud’s thickness is measured

D. To explain why clear air reflects a large amount of solar energy back to space


4.What can be inferred from the lecture about the effects of different types of clouds on Earth’s climate?

A. Low, thick clouds increase ocean temperatures much more than high, thin clouds do.

B. The cooling effect of low, thick clouds is stronger overall than the heating effect of high,thin clouds.

C. The effect of low, thick clouds is understood better than the effect of high, thin clouds.

D. The effect of low, thick clouds is much more variable than the effect of high, thin clouds.


5.What does the professor say about microscopic plants in the ocean near Antarctica?

A. They have been raising the ocean’s albedo.

B. Their population is increasing due to global warming.

C. They grow more rapidly when cloud cover is thin.

D. They produce a chemical that leads to cloud formation.


6.Why does the professor say this?

A. To reintroduce a topic from a previous lecture.

B. To correct a common misunderstanding.

C. To encourage students to express their own opinions.

D. To revise his previous response to a student’s question.


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