TPO22L1 State Formation (Anthropology)



1.What does the professor mainly discuss?

A. Sudden population increases in early states

B. Possible reasons for the formation of early states

C. Consequences of agricultural land shortages in ancient Egypt

D. Common political problems of chiefdoms


2.According to the professor, what are two typical characteristics of a band? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. It is the smallest type of group.

B. It is the most sociopolitically complex type of group.

C. It practices intensified agriculture.

D. It is able to meet its own basic needs.


3.What does the professor say is a characteristic feature of states?

A. States often damage the environment of the area they occupy.

B. States engage in trade to obtain necessary goods for their population.

C. States often undergo sudden changes in population.

D. States manage food production for the entire population.


4.What reason for prehistoric social problems does the professor mention?

A. Competition for resources

B. Poor decisions by the ruling classes

C. The existence of several conflicting legal codes

D. Cultural differences between neighboring states


5.Why does the professor mention upper, middle, and lower classes?

A. To explain why formal legal codes were developed

B. To explain what factors caused the destruction of several early states

C. To stress the importance of agricultural workers

D. To further describe the organization of states


6.What is the professor’s opinion about the environmental approach?

A. It will remain popular for a long time.

B. It does not help explain how early states formed.

C. Some evidence supports it, but other evidence contradicts it.

D. It should be applied when analyzing hierarchies.


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