TPO21L2 Software Development (Computer Science)



1.What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To describe some recent improvements in computer technology

B. To explain why so many software products have flaws when they are put on the market

C. To show that creating good software depends on people with distinct roles working well together

D. To discuss how the software development process has evolved since the time of early computers


2.According to the professor, where does the term “bug” used for computer problems come from?

A. It originated because of the similarity between computer viruses and real viruses.

B. It is based on an incident in which an insect interfered with the function of any early computer.

C. It was first used by early computer scientists who noticed small problems in programming code.

D. It was first used by developers who did not like testers identifying problems in their work.


3.What points does the professor make about software developers? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. The work they do is mainly creative.

B. They enjoy the challenge of identifying problems to fix.

C. Their work is easier than the work of testers.

D. They are not always able to detect software problems.


4.What factor made work on Project Unity efficient?

A. No unplanned changes were made during defect meetings.

B. The teams focused on fixing only major problems.

C. The software developers were not defensive about problems detected by the testers.

D. Some of the software testers had previous experience as software developers.


5.How did the software product developed during Project Split differ from the product developed during Project Unity?

A. The Project Split product was released to the market in a shorter amount of time.

B. The Project Split product could be used in more types of computer systems.

C. The Project Split product cost less money to develop.

D. The Project Split product was of inferior quality.


6.When the professor discusses some work meeting attended by two teams,why does he say this:

A. To emphasize the fact that the two teams were in conflict with one another.

B. To make the point that testers are just as important as developers.

C. To indicate that the teams had different ideas about how to market the new software.

D. To emphasize the importance of meeting in the development process.


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