TPO20L1 Gricean Maxims (Linguistics)



1.What is the main topic of the lecture?

A. The reasons people are not always truthful in conversations

B. The need for greater regulation of language used in advertising

C. The need for maximum precision and detail in everyday conversation

D. The role of certain rules in determining what a speaker means


2.According to the professor, what helps speakers keep conversations from proceeding too slowly?

A. The ability to make inferences according to the Gricean maxims

B. The ability to effectively distinguish truth from falsehood

C. The willingness to acknowledge that a Gricean maxim has been violated

D. The willingness to ignore the Gricean maxim on occasion


3.For each of the following, indicate whether or not it reflects one of the Gricean maxims that the professor mentions. [Click in the correct boxes.]

Is a Maxim Is Not a Maxim
Try to make the topic interesting.

Avoid making claims that are false.

Make comments as informative as necessary.

Make as few assumptions as possible.

Make comments relate to previous statements.


4.Why does the professor describe a letter of recommendation?

A. To point out differences between written statements and spoken statements

B. To illustrate how people may be deceived in a business environment

C. To show how violating a maxim may contribute to a statement’s meaning

D. To provide that lying is sometimes considered acceptable


5.What does the professor imply about advertisers?

A. They are less likely than politicians to violate a Gricean maxim.

B. They realize that consumers know whether an advertisement violates a maxim.

C. They often make use of the Gricean maxims to express humor.

D. They realize that consumers make false inferences from advertisements.


6.What type of maxim does the professor illustrate with this example:

A. Manner

B. Quality

C. Quantity

D. Relevance


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