TPO19L4 Cecilia Beaux (Art History)



1.What is the purpose of the discussion?

A. To compare the portrayal of different subjects in Cecilia Beaux’s portraits

B. To examine the influence of women artists in the nineteenth century

C. To explain how The Dreamer differs from Impressionist art

D. To demonstrate how Cecilia Beaux’s point of view is reflected in her art


2.What evidence does the professor cite to illustrate Cecilia Beaux’s reputation as an artist? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. The instructors that she studied art with

B. Her role in professional art organizations

C. Her connection with an important politician’s family

D. The features of her work that the Impressionists imitated


3.What do the speakers say about Cecilia Beaux’s use of contrasting colors in The Dreamer?

A. The technique was unusual in portraits of the period.

B. The technique was used by an artist that she respected.

C. Several modern artists copied the technique.

D. The function of the technique is to unify several parts of the painting.


4.What point do the speakers make about the background of The Dreamer?

A. It is a good example of Beaux’s unusual style of brushstroke.

B. It resembles the backgrounds of other Beaux portraits.

C. Its lack of clarity emphasizes the theme of the painting.

D. It is meant to suggest that the woman is in a dark room.


5.Based on the discussion, what is the professor’s attitude toward portraiture?

A. The artist’s technical skill is the most important aspect of a portrait.

B. An artist is seldom able to create an exact likeness of a subject.

C. A good portrait portrays the subject in an informal setting.

D. A good portrait portrays more than a physical image.


6.Why does the professor mention the French Impressionists?

A. To identify other artists who often painted women and children

B. To point out one of the influences on Cecilia Beaux’s work

C. To question the importance of Impressionism in portraiture

D. To contrast their view of art with Cecilia Beaux’s vision


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