TPO17L1 Prehistoric Art Dating (Art History)



1.What is the talk mainly about?

A. Techniques for locating archaeological sites

B. Methods of preserving archaeological sites

C. Limitations of some techniques for dating artifacts

D. Difficulties in determining where artifacts were created


2.According to the professor when might stratigraphy provide misleading information about a portable object?

A. When the object has decomposed over time

B. When the object is older than the site at which it was found

C. When the object is found in the lowest soil layer of a site

D. When the object was broken during excavation


3.What are two disadvantages of radiocarbon dating? [Click on 2 answers.]

A. It cannot be used for dating art made of organic material.

B. It causes damage to the material being analyzed.

C. It can be used for dating only portable art.

D. It cannot prove when a piece of art was made.


4.What is the professor’s opinion about the practice of dating a piece of art by analyzing its artistic style?

A. It provides the strongest type of dating evidence.

B. It is more useful for some types of art than others.

C. Use of the practice has improved over the last century.

D. Some analysts make questionable assumptions when using it.


5.How does the woman summarize the professor’s main point in the talk?

A. By drawing a parallel with a process common to the legal field

B. By repeating a comment the professor made at the beginning of class

C. By referring to a study that supports the professor s theory

D. By comparing the professor’s remarks with statements in the textbook


6.Why does the professor say this:

A. To make the point that written records are not important.

B. To explain why the question is worth discussing.

C. To justify the omission of an important point.

D. To express his opinion about the quality of prehistoric art.


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