TPO16C1 Reserving A Rehearsal Space



1.What does the woman want the man to do?

A. Postpone a choir performance to allow more time for rehearsals

B. Change the rehearsal schedule at the music building

C. Give approval for her group to move a piano to a different room

D. Help her reserve a rehearsal space on campus


2.What problem concerning Lincoln Auditorium is mentioned?

A. There is no piano in the auditorium.

B. The auditorium has been booked by the jazz ensemble.

C. The auditorium is located near a construction site.

D. The auditorium’s stage is not large enough to hold the whole choir.


3.What does the woman imply about having rehearsals in the evening?

A. Most auditoriums are already reserved in the evening for performances.

B. Groups must finish rehearsals before campus buildings close.

C. Students are usually too tired to rehearse in the evening.

D. Many students are not available in the evening.


4.What is the woman’s attitude toward the jazz ensemble?

A. She is worried that they have not rehearsed enough.

B. She believes they may have deceived her.

C. She would like to work together with them on a project.

D. She admires the way they solved their acoustical problems.


5.What does the woman imply when she says this:

A. She will give the man the answers to his questions at another time.

B. She is sorry that she cannot change the rehearsal time.

C. She wishes that she could explain the problem more clearly.

D. She believes the man already knows the answers to his own questions.


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