TPO15L4 Hydrothermal Vents (Biology)



1.Why does the professor discuss the exploration of hydrothermal vents?

A. To show how the exploration helped researchers to determine the composition of ocean water

B. To show how the exploration challenged an assumption about biological communities

C. To compare two competing theories concerning chemosynthesis

D. To compare the life cycle of underwater plants to the life cycle of underwater animals


2.What are three of the conditions of water near hydrothermal vents that made researchers think they would not find living organisms there? [Click on 3 answers.]

A. Extreme heat

B. Extreme pressure

C. Fast currents

D. Lack of minerals

E. Lack of sunlight


3.What does the professor imply about the researchers’ reaction to the biological community discovered on the ocean floor?

A. They were surprised at the large variety of organisms living near hydrothermal vents.

B. They were surprised to find any bacteria living without sunlight.

C. They were disappointed at not finding any animal life.

D. They could not agree on the significance of the data that they collected.


4.According to the professor, what is the role of chemosynthesis in biological communities that are found near hydrothermal vents?

A. It enables organisms to convert hydrogen sulfide into food.

B. It enables organisms to convert tiny amounts of light into energy.

C. It enables organisms to withstand large amounts of carbon dioxide.

D. It enables organisms to regulate their temperature.


5.Why does the professor mention the bacteria that live inside a tube worm?

A. To give an example of organisms that pose a threat to tube worms

B. To explain what provides the organic material that tube worms use for energy

C. To give an example of other organisms that can withstand extreme heat

D. To give an example of organisms that are involved in both chemosynthesis and photosynthesis


6.What does the professor imply when she says this:

A. She will review information from the assigned chapter.

B. She will present additional information related to the assigned chapter.

C. The quiz on the assigned chapter will be longer than other quizzes.

D. The class has spent too much time on the assigned chapter.


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